T7 RNA polymerase phage?

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I hope you find the following iformation helpful, 

coli that appears to be
> quite toxic.  I am able to transform JM109 just fine with my pET vector
> construct but am unable to transform any strain containing T7 RNA
> polymerase (BL21 DE3).  I have heard of people infecting JM109 with
> recombinant phage containing T7 polymerase.  Does anyone know of a source
> for these phage (lambda or M13)?

There is a bacteriophage CE6 (cat. no. 69390)which can  be used to
introduce the T7 polymerase.
This is a lammda phage recombinant. 
Studier and Moffat 1986 J. Mol. Biol. 189,113
This can be used with host HMS174, where T7 polymerase production is so
it interferes with mnormal phage development. 
> I have also read about a group (Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 47:241-245.)
> using another plasmid containing a T7 promoter to sop up leaky T7
> polymerase in the cell.  Does anyone know of a source for this plasmid? 

You may want to ,look up studier et al. 1990, Meth. enzymology 185:60-89;
dubenodorff and studier 1991  J. Mol. Biol 219, 45-59. which deals with a
vectors, with T7lac promotors ( the lac operator downstream 
of of the T7 promotor ).  
I have not tried these systems at all, but have got this information from
the novagen ( Novagen US:800 526-7319, distributed by someone else in the
UK.) manual on  pET vectors, so you may want to get hold of that from them
as it has more information and references. 

I hope this helps

Mike Jones

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