protein-protein interaction

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>Lion wrote in this pop quiz:
>> How many methods are available for assaying protein-protein interaction?
>Just two, I'm afraid.
>> What are these methods?
>Well, there's the yeast two hybrid (Tm) and the other one doesn't


there are a whole host of quantitative methods as well. I don't off hand
know of a good reference but there may be one out there. I will just list
a few for you here.

analytical ultracentrifugation  - perhaps the best, both velocity and
BIACore and other plama resonsance techniques - quantitative? well you be
the judge :)
hydrodynamic techniques - column chromatography, large zone and traditional
light scattering
spectroscopic techniques - CD,fluorescene etc....changes in signal with
protein concentration
affintity chromatography
equilibrium dialysis - if one protein/ligand is small enough
mass spectroscopy

this is a quick list, i can probably think of half a dozen other
techniques.  If you are interested in a particular system, feel free to
drop me some mail.

Peter Prevelige
Associate Professor, Dept. of Microbiology
Univ. of Alabama @ Birmingham

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