Post-doc in computational chemistry, Canberra, Australia with Andrew Torda

Andrew.Torda at anu.edu.au Andrew.Torda at anu.edu.au
Fri Jan 9 01:00:32 EST 1998

Computational Chemistry
in The Research School of Chemistry, Canberra, Australia
with Andrew Torda
Available immediately.

The research group of Andrew Torda is oriented towards
biomolecular calculation and simulation. We are working in
areas such as low-resolution (protein fold recognition) force
fields, refinement of experimental structures using MD
simulation, mixing knowledge-based force fields with
experimental data and combinatorial algorithms for protein
sequence optimisation.

All the projects in the group involve coding and development -
not just applications.  It would be an advantage to have a
reasonable knowledge of data structures and algorithms and
programming experience in a civilized language (not fortran).

Possible projects would be centred around some new algorithms
for aligning amino acid sequences to structures, based on the
force fields we have developed. These might include some
entertaining ideas such as quasi-Newtonian dynamics in amusing

Projects are negotiable.

Salary: more than $40,963 - $43,834 per annum (the rates just
increased a week ago).
Grants are provided towards travel and removal.  Positions are
initially for two years with a possible extension to a third
year. There is a housing office to help find accommodation.

The Research School of Chemistry is part of the Institute of
Advanced Studies which runs special research schools in
parallel to the normal teaching schools. There are no
undergraduate teaching duties. The university is in the centre
of Canberra (the nation's capital).

Given the research orientation of the school, there is a
lively academic environment. We have close contacts with the
school's other theoretical groups in statistical mechanics,
polymer theory, quantum chemistry and chemical physics. From
the point of view of experimental groups, we maintain close
ties to the school's NMR, X-ray crystallography and molecular
biology groups.

Anyone interested in the Torda group should look at
That also contains a pointer to a page of recent publications.

Anyone interested should contact me directly
(Andrew.Torda at anu.edu.au).

The closing date for applications will be March 3 1998.
The administrative procedure is that, if you are interested,
you are sent an official application (by slow mail).
Applicants then have to fill this out and mail it back (again
by slow mail).
The official forms will include a request for comments from
three referees.

There is an old advertisement from a previous school-wide job
offer at
and read under "Postdoctoral Fellowships".

Andrew Torda

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