T7 RNA polymerase phage?

Brad Pietz pietz at oncology.wisc.edu
Wed Jan 7 15:58:18 EST 1998

I am attempting to express a phage protein in E. coli that appears to be
quite toxic.  I am able to transform JM109 just fine with my pET vector
construct but am unable to transform any strain containing T7 RNA
polymerase (BL21 DE3).  I have heard of people infecting JM109 with
recombinant phage containing T7 polymerase.  Does anyone know of a source
for these phage (lambda or M13)?

I have also read about a group (Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 47:241-245.)
using another plasmid containing a T7 promoter to sop up leaky T7
polymerase in the cell.  Does anyone know of a source for this plasmid? 

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Vladimir Svetlov
McArdle Lab for Cancer Research
Dept. Oncology
1400 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706

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