NMR: T1 and T2 analysis techniques

John Tomaszewski tomasz at protein.chem.washington.edu
Wed Jan 7 00:27:22 EST 1998

Hi all, 
	Sorry that this doesn't fit exactly into either of these 
newsgroups but they seemed to be my best bet.  I have a couple 
non-theoretical questions regarding techniques for working up T1 and T2 
15N relaxation data.
	First, for anyone using Felix to pick and name peaks for this
purpose, do you use the manual peak or autopick functions?  I'm going to
do a comparison of the two this afternoon (see which method yields a
better exponential fit) but I'm curious to hear what other people think of
these Felix options.  The autopick seems to box too small an area to
calculate accurate volumes, in my opinion. 
	Second, how do you work up the data?  I should be receiving an
nawk script that will extract the relaxation times from a volumes table
but in the meantime I've been trying to use Excel. (from a post to the 
Excel newsgroups):
	This works fine, I can chart them with out any problem and if I
choose, plot the line equation (y=ce^-xb) on the chart.  My problem is,
for these series of 40-60 values I want to extract the relaxation time
into a cell to use for further calculations, and so far the only way I can
see to do it is to read it off the graph and manually type it into a cell,
but with many data values and overlap on the chart, this isn't very
efficient.  Does anyone know how to generate the line equation or the
variables into cells, independant from the chart?  Any assistance would be
greatly appreciated. 


John T.

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