SDSPAGE Problems

Fergus Doherty Fergus.Doherty at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Jan 6 10:55:37 EST 1998

A friend is having problems with his Laemmli system SDSPAGE (BioRad minigel
app) as follows:

"Here in the lab I have an annoying problem with my gels. I'm using
the protocols you gave me and they were OK always. I used those with
success in Bath as well. But now, despite I use fresh precisely made
solutions, there isn't a proper front line of my gel neither during
the run (here I have only little hazy blue clouds in each lane) nor after
staining (the upper half has a good resolution while the lower one
is too light and there's no strong blue front line). Have you got
any idea what might cause this phenomenon?"

Any clues?  It was working now it's not.

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