Protein Identificated

Alan Tunnicliffe atunni at imb-jena.de
Mon Aug 31 08:38:10 EST 1998

Hi all

We currently have a protein solution which is 99% (plus) pure,
however we have discovered protease activity within our sample.
This protease activity can be prevented by addition of EDTA
and using several protease inhibitors.

The question I have, is how can I discover if the protein we are working
has intrinsic protease activity (it is not supposed to) or if the less
1% impurity is infact a protease ?

We have tried silver stained gels
Isoelectric focusing
SDS gels
and Native gels to see if we can detect the contaminant.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated

Alan Riboldi-Tunnicliffe

atunn at imb-jena.de

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