1999 conference: The making of wood

Rod Savidge savidge at unb.ca
Tue Aug 25 09:44:51 EST 1998

As one of the conference organizers, I would like to advise you of a
forthcoming meeting on "The Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Vascular
Development in Perennial Plants" to be held March 22-26, 1999, at
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, in association with the 1999
Annual Meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology.

Seven themes will be addressed at the meeting:

1.  Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Seasonal Cambial Growth
2.  Photosynthate Allocation to the Vascular Cambium
3.  Regulation of Meristematic Activity in the Vascular Cambium
4.  Regulation of Xylem Cell Differentiation
5.  Biochemistry of Mature Wood
6.  Lignification
7.  Model Systems (including Zinnia and Arabidopsis)

Thirty-seven highly active research scientists, representing the UK,
Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, Ireland, Finland,
Sweden, Japan, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada have accepted
invitations to address those seven areas.  Thus, we anticipate that this
will be an outstanding opportunity to become familiar with the current
state of knowledge and to identify research needs and opportunities.

Should you be interested in presenting a paper or poster at, or merely
attending this meeting, the necessary information can be found at
http://www.demon.co.uk/SEB/  (The meeting is designated as "P3 Cambial
activity and wood formation".)   I hope to see you there, and if I can be
of further help do not hesitate to e-mail me (savidge at unb.ca).
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