microwave hydrolysis on PVDF membranes

Patricia W. Cash CASH at bms.com
Tue Aug 25 10:14:14 EST 1998

     We are trying to hydrolyze proteins on a PVDF membrane using a 
     microwave.  Using our normal protein hydrolysis conditions 
     (vapor-phase HCl, 110 PSI), the membrane "melts" or becomes clear and 
     hard.  We have found that if the pressure is not allowed to exceed 60 
     PSI, the membrane generally remain intact.  However, we are not 
     getting complete hydrolysis.
     Has anyone ever hydrolyzed proteins bound to PVDF membranes in a 
     microwave?  Any tips to overcome the "melting" would be appreciated.
     Pat Cash
     Bristol-Myers Squibb

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