HPLC Thimerosal Analysis

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum eb15 at le.ac.uk
Mon Aug 24 13:15:55 EST 1998

dave wrote:
> Has anyone had experience in quantitative analysis of thimerosal, and its
> degradation products: thiosalicylic & dithiosalicylic acids, in various
> matrixes? 

Timerosal itself should be no problem, as mercury can be analysed with
great sensitivity by atomic absorption spectroscopy. The same of course
is true for the mercury containing break down products, after
chromatographic separation. 

As to the non-mercury containing breakdown products you may be able to
increase the sensitivity of the assay by forming suitable metal
complexes (as far as I remember, salicylic acid forms intensive red
complexes with iron, but I have no idea how the thioderivative behaves).
At least such complexes could increase the specificity of the assay.

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