[Q]how to make fasL-IgG fusion protien in Rheumatoid(plea..help)

Nam Sangmin litangel at unitel.co.kr
Sat Aug 22 00:06:11 EST 1998

i'm a post-graduate student studying RA(rheumatoid arthritis).
we're trying to cure RA patient by molecular technology.
you hear about recombinant fusion protein 
like TNFR:Fc made by  immunex or TNFR55-IgG1 made by Roche.
now we will make Fas ligand-IgG fusion protein.
however it has big problem.
we think Fas ligand binds Fas receptor by its C termial.
so we can't fuse IgG to C terminal of Fas ligand.
but the end of IgG's hinge region is N termial.
therefore we can't attach IgG's hinge region to Fas ligand's N termial.
this is my problem.
can anybody help me solving this problem?
making Fas ligand-IgG fusion protein is impossible?
please mail me if you have good idea.
thank you.

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