VEGF-b of 23 Kd and 46 Kd

Platini Kwok platinik at glink.net.hk
Wed Aug 19 10:23:59 EST 1998


Why it is difficult to detect the 46 Kd by vegf-b antibody? Although I
already put the sample into unreducing loading buffer (no
2-mercaethanol), run the SDS page and then electroblotting onto NC
membrane  by wet method. After incubating with primary vegf-b polychonal

antibody (Santa Cruze) and goat ABC (Vector stain) and development of
DAB, it is found that the intensity of the band of 46 Kd is very week.
Instead, the intensity of 23 Kd is very strong in reducing condition.
Why is that? My sample is rat retina.

Thank you for your opinion!


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