What is the major factor to affect the immunostaining of cytochrome C on embryo of ICR

Platini Kwok platinik at glink.net.hk
Mon Aug 10 10:31:16 EST 1998


Recently, I was involved in the immunostaining of cytochrome c in embryo

tissue. The tissue was fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde and dehydrated in
graded alcohol, xylene and finally it was embared in wax block. It is
found that only few positive signals were found in heart and bone tissue

of 14.5 dpc of ICR embryo. My question are listed as follows
1. Will the embaring process destroy the antigen (cytochrome c)?
2. The antibody is rightly selected for "native protein" rather than
denaturing protein which is usually done by SDS. Am I right?
3. there is negative signal in liver tissue which was expected to find a

great deal of signal because live is a detoxification organ and it was
expected very metabolic active.

thank you for your advice!

Platini (Anatomy, CUHK, HK)

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