BCA-Protein-Quantification: Time Drive?

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> Hi all!
> I use the bicinchoninic-acid-assay in a 96well format to
> determine/estimate protein concentrations. I always have a
> standard-dilution-row on every plate.
> When I tried to determine the concentration of a simple yeast-extract,
> I noted the following:
> - the slope of the calibration-line (mg as a function of A550)
> decreases with time (15min to 3hrs)
> - the concentration of my extract also decreases with time!!!!
> (calculated with corresponding slope!)
> As the assay is designed to be read after 30min and 30degrees C - when
> do I get the _correct_ concentration?????????????????

As long as all decreases occur to all samples , It does not matter. 
Incubation of the reaction at 37 C for 30 minutes and then read should be
fine.  The key is that all are read at the same time( samples and
calibration curve)  variability will take care of itself.


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