S-35 Methionine labelling yeast cells?

Adrian Bracken Brackena at tcd.ie
Fri Aug 7 10:55:35 EST 1998

I am wondering if it is possible to S-35 Methionine label yeast cells?
I want to label cells, prepare extracts, immunoprecipitate a 
ribonuclear-protein complex and run the protein content out on an SDS 
gel. Because the protein content will not be detectable by 
silver-staining, I hope the Methinine labelled proteins will be 
visable after exposure to film. 
Do you know if this approach has been used before? If so, have you any 
recent publications on it?
Please, if you could mail me at brackena at tcd.ie it would be great, 

Thanks a million, Adrian Bracken

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