Fish Skin Gelatin

Julianne M. Braun braunjm4 at wfu.edu
Tue Aug 4 13:00:45 EST 1998

I just purchased some fish skin gelatin from Sigma.  Any suggestions on how to store the stuff so that it
can be opened more than once?  Is the problem with the bottle related to the gelatin acting as a glue to
stick the cap to the bottle?  TIA.

Julianne M. Braun

Dr E. Buxbaum wrote:

> A former boss of mine swore by fish skin gelatine, a liquid of the
> colour and consitency of used motor oil, but freely soluble in PBS. The
> stuff is available from Sigma, but be carefull: their bottle cap is ill
> designed and you won't be able to open it a second time. BSA or common
> gelatine are also possible.

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