Anti-His tag antibodies

David Mueller muellerd at MIS.FINCHCMS.EDU
Thu Sep 25 15:36:14 EST 1997

At 02:45 PM 9/25/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Has anyone out there had any success using anti-His tag antibodies for
>western blots?  We have tried the anti-tetra and penta His MAbs from
>Qiagen for western blots of two different proteins which have C-terminal
>6xHis tags, and had no success.  We are pretty sure the His-tag is
>intact on the proteins, given that the proteins were purified with
>Ni-NTA resin immediately prior to the western blot analysis.  The Qiagen
>tech person suggested trying different blocking agents (BSA, powdered
>milk, and casein).  We tried these, with no luck. Has anyone (not
>associated with Qiagen) compared Qiagen's anti-His Abs to those from
>other companies?

We have used both tetra and penta his MAbs for Western blot analysis.  In
our hands,
pentahis is a better Ab and is able to detect at a lower level.  We use ECL
for the detection system and incubate the mAb overnight at 4oC in casein or
dry milk.  PentaHis has worked for a number of proteins that were N-tagged or

With regard to other companies, we have tried the mAb from Dianova and I
cannot recommend that product.

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