EXPLOITING MOLECULAR DIVERSITY: Small Molecule Libraries for Drug Discovery

James W. Larkin jamesl at healthtech.com
Thu Sep 25 13:26:57 EST 1997

Fifth Annual 
Small Molecule Libraries for Drug Discovery
March 2-4, 1998  Coronado, California

Combinatorial libraries exploded onto the drug discovery 
scene several years ago and are now well established as a 
crucial tool for the majority of small molecule pharmaceutical 
development programs. As the segment matures, questions of how 
best to measure and define diversity, ways to optimize library 
design depending on lead identification or lead optimization
purposes, and improving methods for extracting information from 
screening of an initial library to feed into the process of 
successive library design and possibly molecular modeling, 
become more important. Presentations that provide new 
perspectives for these issues, as well as results related to 
the development of candidate drug compounds using this technology, 
will be featured in this meeting. Plan to take part in what began 
as the first annual gathering of combinatorial library pioneers 
and continues as the leading conference in this field.    

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