Need a tip about colony lift

James Abbott j.abbott at dundee.ac.uk
Fri Sep 12 21:45:10 EST 1997

Stephane Jenne wrote:

> The trouble is that I do not lift all colonies on one hand and
> that I lift the whole colony on the other hand. I would rather prefer > to have a part of all the colonies. 

When you do a colony lift, you do not remove all the bacteria from your 
plate. Consequently, to enable you to go back to your colonies when you've 
selected your required recombinants via the colony blot, simply reincubate 
the plate, and your colonies will grow again. The only word of warning doing 
this is to watch your aseptic techniques, since any antibiotics in your media 
will probably be quite depleted, so if you are not careful, you may find all 
kinds of lovely things growing :-)

I know this isn't quite what your question asked for, but it's a different 
way round the problem.


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