ICMSB97 - Final Programme

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                           Final Programme

   S E C O N D  I N T E R N A T I O N A L  C O N F E R E N C E  O N

          M O L E C U L A R  S T R U C T U R A L  B I O L O Y

                        >>  I C M S B  97 <<

                       SEPTEMBER 10 - 14, 1997 

                           VIENNA, AUSTRIA

                           Organized by the 
                       Austrian Chemical Society
                  Working Group Biophysical Chemistry

                    Scientific Schedule and Social Programme

* Wednesday 10.9.97

  From 14:00        		Registration

  19:00     Dr. Max Perutz (Honorary)
            Glutamine Repeats and Inherited Neurodegenerative Diseases

  20:00     Welcome Get-Together     

* Thursday 11.9.97      	STRUCTURE AND PREDICTION

  9:00      Announcements

  9:10      H. Michel (Plenary)           
            Structure and Possible Mechanism of Action of the 
            Cytochrome c Oxidase from Paracoccus denitrificans

  9:55      R. Crowther (Plenary)
            The Fold of the Core Protein of Hepatitis B Virus 
            Determined by Electron Cryo-Microscopy

  10:40     Coffee Break

  11:10     T. Richmond (Plenary)               
            X-Ray Structure of the Nucleosome Core Particle at 2.8A

  11:55     R. Dutzler (Short Commun.)          
            Sugar Transport through Maltoporin: 
            From Structure to Mechanism of a Facilitated Diffusion Channel

  12:15     J.-P. Renaud (Short Commun.)        
            Ligand Binding to Retinoid Receptors

  12:35     Lunch

  14:00     G. Rose (Plenary)              
            Simulation of Protein Folding Using LINUS

  14:45     B. Rost (Plenary)              
            Learning from Evolution to Predict Protein Structure

  15:30     L. LoConte (Short Commun.)          
            Visible Volume: A New Way of Exploring Protein Structures

  15:50     Coffee Break

  16:20     S. Benner (Plenary)            
            Natural History and the Physical Sciences: 
            Predicting the Structure of Proteins

  17:05     M. Sippl (Plenary)             
            Molecular Forces in Protein Folding and Prediction

  17:50     M. Rodionov (Short Commun.)         
            Amino Acid Interaction Patterns and Sequence 
            Conservation in Protein Superfamilies

  18:10     Close

  20:00     Cocktail Reception for all participants and accompanying people
            at the City Hall of Vienna "Wiener Rathauskeller"

* Friday 12.9.97                MACROMOLECULAR INTERACTIONS      	

  9:00      Announcements

  9:10      W. van Gunsteren (Plenary)          
            Calculation of Free Energy and Binding Constants 
            for Biomolecular Complexes

  9:55      A. Frankel (Plenary)                
            Design and Evolution of RNA-Binding Proteins

  10:40     Coffee Break

  11:10     T. Steitz (Plenary)            
            DNA and RNA Polymerases:
            Structural Diversity and Common Mechanisms

  11:55     P. Walsh (Short Commun.)       
            RNA Binding by the N-Terminus of
            the Wilms, Tumor 1 Tumor Suppressor Protein

  12:15     J. Forbes (Short Commun.)           
            Probing the Hydrophobic Interactions of Surfaces, 
            Peptides, and Macromolecules with the Atomic Force Microscope

  12:35     Lunch

  14:00     Poster Session I

  15:30     Coffee Break

  16:00     R. Rigler (Plenary)            
            Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy, Detection and Selection 
            of Single Molecules

  16:45     A. Watts (Plenary)             
            Atomic Resolution of Bound Ligands in Functionally Active, 
            Membrane Receptors using Non-Crystallographic Methods

  17:30     G. Miller (Short Commun.)           
            Molecular Dynamics Simulations on G Protein-Coupled Receptors: 
            Implementation and Validation of a Membrane Mimetic
  17:50     Close

  This evening has been left free for participants to enjoy Vienna

* Saturday 13.9.97              CATALYSIS AND DESIGN 	

  9:00     Announcements

  9:10     O. Jardetzky (Plenary)              
           Protein Dynamics and Conformational Transitions 
           in Allosteric Proteins

  9:55     A. Wlodawer (Plenary)               
           Retroviral Integrases - the Last Frontier in Designing Drugs 
           against AIDS

  10:40     Coffee Break

  11:10     R. Goody (Plenary)             
            Problems and Perspectives in Designing Drugs against AIDS

  11:55     H. Bjrkbacka (Short Commun.)  
            Conformational Changes Induced Upon Oxidation of Chloroplastic
            Carbonic Anhydrase Studied by Intrinsic Tryptophan Fluorescence

  12:15     K. Sakakibara (Short Commun.)  
            Molecular Design of the Amide Transition-state Analog 
            by Molecular Mechanics

  12:35     Lunch

  14:00     Poster Session II

  15:30     Coffee Break

  16:00     M. Weir (Plenary)              
            Role of Structural Biology in Drug Discovery

  16:45     K. Mueller (Plenary)            
            Combined Rational and Random Design Concepts in Drug Discovery

  17:30     J. Priestle (Plenary)               
            A Target Based Strategy for Drug Discovery

  18:15     Close

  On this evening, participants are encouraged to attend the dinner at a
  wine cellar in the city centre. The "Heurigen" atmosphere, with wine
  and Viennese food is very characteristic of Vienna 

* Sunday 14.9.97                FOLDING

  9:00      Announcements

  9:10      R. Baldwin (Plenary)                
            Nature of the Apomyoglobin Folding Pathway

  9:55      K. Dill (Plenary)                   
            Sightseeing along the Landscapes of Protein Folding

  10:40     Coffee Break

  11:10     C. Dobson (Plenary)            
            Exploring the Structural Basis of Protein Folding

  11:55     A. N=94ppert (Short Commun.)          
            Initial Hydrophobic Collapse is not Necessary for Protein Folding: 
            A Study by Stopped-Flow Dynamic Light Scattering and Stopped-Flow 
            Circular Dichroism

  12:15     I. Bahar (Short Commun.)       
            Simulation of Protein Folds Using a Low Resolution Model

  12:35     Lunch

  14:00     P. Schuster (Plenary)               
            RNA Structures Beyond the One Sequence-One Structure Paradigm

  14:45     F. Hartl (Plenary)             
            Chaperone-Assisted Protein Folding

  15:30     End of Conference


For further information contact:

      Dr. Andreas Kungl 
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      Tel.: ++ 43 1 5874249 or ++ 43 1 5873980
      FAX.: ++ 43 1 5878966
      e-mail: biophys at goech.co.at


Organization: Univ. of Vienna, Inst. for Theoretical Chemistry


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