structs vs reality?

Nancy Vogelaar gc at atp.princeton.edu
Thu Feb 27 12:14:51 EST 1997

John Kuszewski wrote:

> How well do xray or NMR structures actually model
> reality in vivo?
> I've seen some old papers showing that some enzymes
> still work in the crystalline state, but there
> must be something else about this.
> Can anyone point me toward some references?

Hi, John!

You may find this paper of interest--especially since it deals with
quaternary structure and allostery in crystals vs. solution.

D.I. Svergun et al., PROTEINS: Str., Fn., Genet. 27 (1997),pp. 110-117.

"Large Differences Are Observed Between the Crystal and Solution
Quaternary Structures of Allosteric Aspartate Transcarbamylase in
the R State"


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