Native Protein Gel

michael reddy mkr at csd.uwm.edu
Sat Jun 1 16:34:55 EST 1996

Hi Bill,

The percentage of Acrylamide (AA) as well as the crosslinker ratio is to be
determined experimentally.
I have successfully used the following:

AA 12 to 15%, AA:Bis 19:1 w/w  OR 37:1 w/w
TrisBase 50 mM
Glycine 384 mM

For Gradient gel try this

10% AA   (AA:Bis 37:1, W/W)
50 mM Tris-384 mM Gly

MIX #2
20% AA
5% Sucrose
50 mM Tris- 384 mM Gly

Note: It makes sense to prepare 5X Tris-Glycine stock, i.e 15 g Tris Base
72 g Gly in total 500 mL H2O

  I     I   I     I
  I #2  I   I #1  I
  I     I   I     I
  I_____I__>I_____I____>Gel Casting Assembly

Good Luck!


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