cDNA vs genomic effects?

Rick Thorne birft at cc.newcastle.edu.au
Wed Jul 31 05:44:33 EST 1996

A colleague had previously found that transfection of her gene of 
interest (a human cell surface glycoprotein) into tumour cells 
resulted in reduced cell motilty and increased cell adhesion in those 
cells. The original analysis involved multiple unique clones, and the 
effect on motility appeared to be related to the expressed level of 
the protein. These transfections were done using a genomic clone for 
the gene. However, the cDNA clone has since been obtained. 
Transfecting cells with the cDNA results in comparable expression to 
the genomic transfection, but while comparable effects are seen on 
cell motility, no effect is seen on cell adhesion. This is obviously 
interesting because this may distinguish between potentially different 
functions of the protein.

My query concerns what are the possible or likely differences to be 
seen when transfecting a genomic vs cDNA clone? What experiments could 
or should be done to explain this phenomenon? Any advice would be 
greatly appreciated.

Thanks RICK
The University of Newcastle, Australia

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