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James Freeman jfreeman at darwin.bu.edu
Tue Jul 30 15:48:55 EST 1996

To whom it may concern:

The completion of the sequencing of the entire DNA of the S. cerevisae
genome, is a major event in the history of biology. All those involved
are to be congratulated as we now have the first full genetic
blueprint of a "free living" eukaryotic organism.  

The analysis of these gene products will provide us with a powerful
tool for reading the genomes of other eukaryotes, particularly those
of higher eukaryotes, which represent the majority of the data
currently in the genetic databases. The analysis of the yeast genome
is provided a useful framework for the annotation of many of the
complete genome projects currently nearing completion, as well as the
upcoming human genome.

The yeast sequence information used to create this yeast webpage was
provided by the GeneQuiz Consortium and the Mips Genome Commission
. We have made an initial attempt to integrate these two data
structures as well as supplement their annotation with that obtained
>From a set of functionally diagnostic patterns (Adams, R. M., et
al. Protein Science 5, 1240-49, 1996). In addition we have constructed
a data structure of yeast sequence probable homolog clusters or cliques. 

To aid those desiring to use this new resource we constructed these
search tools:  

User sequence as query (via blast). 
User keyword as query. 
Unix egrep regular expression as a sequence query. 

These tools are freely usable to non-commercial individuals and
institutions.  Commercial users may sample the service twice.
Commercial entities wishing to use this service can contact
jfreeman at darwin.bu.edu for more information.

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