13C source for protein NMR

Christoph Weber weber at obelix.scripps
Tue Jul 30 15:42:00 EST 1996

As an aside for those who think today's 13C-glucose prices are high:
Back when we first started with the uniform labelling business,
the glucose prices were way higher, by a factor of 4-5.
I've been involved in a project where we set aside $40,000 just for
13C-glucose, and I have heard of projects that required substantially
more money. Those were no low-yield expression systems either...
Nevertheless, it still pays to improve the sample production process, 
no matter what the prices are. 

In general, I agree with the previous poster's observations about
protein expression on acetate. 
There was a paper in Biochemistry in '90 or '91 with some good detail. 
The protein was carbonic anhydrase, if I'm not mistaken.

Happy labelling,

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