Molecular Modelling

Vikas Shah shahvika at pilot.msu.edu
Mon Jul 22 11:16:33 EST 1996

I am an undergraduate student at Michigan State University, entering
my junior year this fall.  I am investigating molecular modelling
packages for research I plan on doing next summer, and am writing to
ask for help and recommendations regarding the wide variety of
packages out there.  I need to be able to do energy minimizations as
well as geometry optimizations, predict electron densities, zoom in
and out among structures, and - if possible - view and record
particle-particle interactions.  Here's the catch -- I am running an
IBM 486DX2 66 Mhz with 20 MB of RAM and 1 MB vRAM with Win95.  I am
planning on upgrading if possible, but that will depend on funding.
Forget system speed for now, I just need to know the best packages out
there.  Please mail shahvika at pilot.msu.edu.  Thank you.

Vikas Shah

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