Special Issue in Computational Molecular Biology: Submission Deadline Extension!!!

Sorin C. Istrail scistra at CS.SANDIA.GOV
Mon Jul 22 21:07:12 EST 1996

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\large  \bf       Announcing a Second Special Issue on\\
          Computational Molecular Biology\\
{\bf Guest Editors: Sorin Istrail, Pavel Pevzner, Ron Shamir}
{\bf Submission Deadline: September 15, 1996} 

{\em ``Don't ask [only] what mathematics can do for biology, 
ask what biology can do for mathematics.''}
 Stanislaw Ulam

Manuscripts are solicited for a special issue of 
{\bf Discrete Applied Mathematics} on topics concerning 
the development of new combinatorial and algorithmic 
techniques in computational molecular biology. This issue 
will be the second in a series of special issues
of {\bf Discrete Applied Mathematics}, which publishes 
papers on the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of 
the inherently discrete aspects of computational biology.\\

The traditional partnership of mathematics and physics
has advanced and enriched both disciplines. In a similar 
partnership, mathematics and algorithms are becoming 
crucial tools in the rapid advancement of molecular biology. 
At the same time, the computational challenges of these 
biological disciplines raise exciting new problems in 
discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science.\\ 

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of possible 
topics of interest for the special issue: \\

DNA mapping & DNA sequencing \\*[3mm]
DNA/protein sequence comparison & Molecular evolution \\*[3mm]
RNA/protein structure & Gene/motif recognition  \\*[3mm]
DNA Computing & \\*[10mm]

The response to the first call for papers in this series in 
1995 was very strong, and resulted in a high quality volume 
which is expected to appear in the Fall of 1996. The guest 
editors will continue to make every possible effort to assure 
the timely completion of a thorough refereeing process. This 
second special issue is expected to appear in the Spring of 1998.  

Seven (7) hard copies of complete manuscripts should be sent to 
any of the guest editors by September 15, 1996.  The submission 
should be accompanied by an email message containing only the 
text (ASCII) of the abstract of the paper. 

Authors are encouraged to send also a LaTex or postscript
file of the full manuscript via email, to expedite the reviewing
process. This does not replace the need for hard copy 
submission. Manuscripts must be prepared according to the normal 
submission requirements of {\bf Discrete Applied Mathematics}, 
as described in each issue of the journal.  \\

Further information on the series (including the list of papers
accepted for publication in the first volume) will be available 
soon from:

\verb+ http://www.elsevier.nl/mcs/dam/Menu.html+ (The Netherlands)
\verb+ http://www.cs.sandia.gov/~scistra/DAM+ (USA)
\verb+ http://www.math.tau.ac.il/~shamir/dcb.html+ (Israel)\\

The Guest Editors are:\\

  Sorin Istrail\\ 
  Sandia National Laboratories\\
  Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics Department\\
  P.O.Box 5800, MS 1110\\
  Albuquerque, NM 87185-5800\\
  scistra at cs.sandia.gov\\
  http: //www.cs.sandia.gov/\~{}scistra\\

  Pavel Pevzner\\
  University of Southern California\\
  Department of Mathematics, DRB 155\\
  Los Angeles, CA 90089-1113\\
  ppevzner at hto.usc.edu\\
  http: //www-hto.usc.edu/people/Pevzner.html\\

  Ron Shamir \\
  Department of Computer Science \\
  School of Mathematical Sciences\\
  Tel Aviv University \\
  Tel Aviv 69978\\
  ISRAEL  \\
  shamir at math.tau.ac.il\\
  http: //www.math.tau.ac.il/\~{}shamir\\


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