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>> Does anybody know of any good HPLC data acquisition software that runs on a
>> Macintosh?  Minimally, it should have some sort of multi-chromatogram overlay
>> feature, as well as some sort of area integration/peak identification
>> algorithm. Ideally it would have the ability to collect data from several
>> channels at once (we would like to collect from each of three systems, and
>> monitor two wavelengths from each detector).  Another plus would be the

Co-incidentally, I just met with Mr. Norman Wodell of Thermo Separation 
Products (800-456-4552) which sells Spectra-Physics/LDC analytical HPLC 
systems.  The problem with my old Waters Baseline 10 is that it can't measure 
two different systems at once (unless I get the Maxima software upgrade and 
another SIM box).  I'm currently have students working on both our HPLC system 
and trying to acquire data from our low pressure chromatography system on the 
Waters software, but only can do one at a time.  He indicated that I can get 
their new software to acquire data from two **separate** systems 
**simultaneously** for under $2,000 (university discount applies).  I'm 
considering this rather than the old Maxima software unless someone else has a 
better workaround.

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