smear in SDS-PAGE

Maarten van Helden maarten.vanhelden at medew.ento.wau.nl
Tue Jul 16 08:17:55 EST 1996


I am looking for the proteins containing in saliva of aphids. I try to 
identify these proteins in gel electrophoresis, but untill now I always have a 
strong smear during the migration, I have used several reductors (urea, 
mercapto, DTT, iodoacetamide) without any results, the smear is still 
 Any informations about a procedure to remove this smear would be greatly 
 Responses can be emailed to the below address.  

  Dr. A. Cherqui
  Dept. of Entomology
  Wageningen Agricultural University
  Binnenhaven 7, 6709 PD
  Wageningen, the Netherlands
  Tel +31-317-485118 Fax +31-317-484821
  Email: <anas cherqui at medew.ento.wau.nl>

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