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-->I was wondering if somebody had some experience with SDS gel 
electrophoresis of
-->peptides.  I have a sample that I would like to analyze to see if it 
-->a short (12-residue) peptide, molecular weight = 1462.
-->The sample is not some mixture of many species...the sample to be analyzed
-->either has the 12-mer, or else the sample contains no peptide whatsoever.  
-->this gel should be really easy to interpret.  I also have a similar sample 
-->I would like to analyze for peptide content, except in this case I am 
-->for the presence or absence of a 33-residue peptide (MW = 3487).
-->I would like to run these samples out on an SDS gel, and then 
-->My question is that I don't know what the optimal percentage of 
-->would be for this task.  What percent gel is best?  Is gel electrophoresis 
-->peptides commonly done?  Your suggestions are much appreciated.

You are at the lower limit for SDS-PAGE and would need to use a Tris-Tricine 
buffer system (schagger & von Jagow, Anal. biochem. 1987, 166, 368-379)
and a fairly high percentage gel (15%-20%) Even then the 12mer may be too 

Alternatively, if you just wish for a yes or no answer for the presence of 
peptide, you could dot your sample onto PVDF and stain with amido black.

best of luck.


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