beta gal assay

Ray Lu luray at duke.usask.ca
Tue Jul 9 13:30:11 EST 1996

Recently, I have trouble reproducing my beta gal results in my
yeast two hybrid system (from Clontech). I use ONPG as substrate.
I have tried a few times now. All samples turned out to be negative,
even for the ones that have previously shown positive.

I have remade all solutions fresh and retransformed yeast, but it
didn't help. Where can go wrong? Anyone has similar experience?

Ray LU
University of Saskatchewan
Dept of Vet Micro, WCVM
Sasktoon, SK S7N 5B4 Canada
Tel (306)966-7228
Fax (306)966-7244
luray at duke.usask.ca

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