What is 'Tu' in EF-Tu??

Andreas Wattenberg wattenberg at chemie.uni-frankfurt.de
Mon Jul 8 08:08:27 EST 1996

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>>Alexander Sczyrba (asczyrba at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de) wrote:
>>: Can anybody tell me what the 'Tu' in EF-Tu (elongation factor Tu)
>>: stands for?? And what is 'Ts' in EF-Ts??
>>I forget what the capital "T" represents, but the "u" and "s" stand
>>for "unstable" and "stable". I'm pretty sure that EF-Tu is unstable
>>in the absence of guanine nucleotide. Unfortunately, I can't remember
>>where I learned this, but I'll bet that tracking down the original
>>papers describing the proteins will give a complete description of
>>the significance of "Tu" and "Ts"

nope, T=Thermal
EF-Ts is thermally more stable than EF-Tu.

bye, andreas

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