% of ammonium sulphate - PKC precipitation?

Phil Robinson mdpjr at cc.newcastle.edu.au
Thu Jul 4 19:29:13 EST 1996

I don't know the exact answer, but we use a brain extract that is
about 1 mg/ml pH 7.4 and it does NOT come down with 35% AS (while our
protein of interest does), and it does come down if we follow this
with 80% AS.  Maybe this will get you started.  We have sometimes
purified it from this point.
My other comment is that while the protein concentration is clearly
critical, so is the source of that protein (species, organ, and
whether it is cytosol, peripheral membrane extracts etc).


klenchin at macc.wisc.edu (Dima Klenchin) wrote:
>Could anyone give me rough idea about typical % of saturation of
>AS solution at which PKC precipitates? The conditions would be 
>~ 5 mg/ml of total protein, pH 7.5.
>- Dima

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