bovine cellines

fred wouters f.s.wouters at chem.ruu.nl
Wed Jul 3 10:35:11 EST 1996

Hi everybody,

I'm in posession of an antibody raised against a bovine protein. We were
hoping that this antibody was cross-reactive with the same protein in a
usefull celline (e.g. 3T3 mouse fibro's) but it doesn't. I have tried
other animal cellines but again no results.
So my question to the world is: does anyone have a bovine celline from
liver, kidney or testis (in order of importance). If so, please send me
some lyophilized cellpellets to test them for my protein.

please help, I don't fancy making a primary culture At the slaughterhouse

thanx in advance

Fred Wouters

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