Postdoctoral position in University of Miami Sc. Med.

Vladlen Z. Slepak vslepak at NEWSSUN.MED.MIAMI.EDU
Wed Jul 3 17:15:10 EST 1996

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION is available immideately at the UNIVERSITY OF 
MIAMI SCHOOL OF MEDICINE.  Successful  candidate will join a new, 
well-funded and equipped lab studying G protein-mediated signal 
transduction mechanisms.  Projects involve protein isolation from native 
sources, mutagenesis and heterologous expression of proteins, kinetic 
analysis of protein-protein interactions using Surface Plasmon Resonance 
(BIAcore instrument) and other approaches.  Background in the area of 
cellular signaling and expertise in protein-protein interactions and 
molecular biology is preferred, but is not as essential as strong 
commitment to career in science and ability to work independently.  
Future promotion to a more independent, research-track faculty position 
and obtaining technical support is achievable.  Salary is negotiable and 
commensurate with experience.  
Send CV and three references to: Dr. V. Z. Slepak, Department of 
Pharmacology, University of Miami School of Medicine, 1600 N.W. 10th 
ave. R-189 Miami, Fl 33136. fax: (305) 243-4555, E.mail 
<vslepak at newssun.med.miami.edu>

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