phage promoter + AUG vectors for IVTT?

cok at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk c.okane at gen.cam.ac.uk
Wed Jul 3 08:22:46 EST 1996

We'd like to express 35S-labelled protein domains in vitro. They don't
have their own ATG initiation codon. Can anyone recommend any vector
series with a standard phage promoter (T3, T7, SP6) and an ATG which is
known to work efficiently in a system like Promega TNT, followed by a
multiple cloning site - preferably there should be three vectors with the
polylinker staggered to allow use of all three reading frames with the
same restriction sites.

c.okane at gen.cam.ac.uk

Cahir O'Kane, Dept of Genetics, Univ. of Cambridge, UK
cok at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk

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