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G.P. (goran at atax.neur.uni-duesseldorf.de) wrote:

: When we are on the subject, does anybody know how long 
: DSS and DTSSP are stable on -80 C?

: Pierce recommends putting DTSSP under nitrogen once the package is
: open.
: If I do not dissolve all of it, is it possible to keep it on -80 C
: for a couple of months without major loss of activity?

It really depends on the solvent you dissolved it in. The worry is whether
the sulfo-NHS or NHS groups will hydrolyze. If it is dry, then store it
in the fridge dessicated. If wet, it won't last too long anyway because
the minute you start thawing it, the solvent will soak up water. But
storing it at -80 is your best bet.


austin so
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