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>Hello, all
>I've a paper to write on prions (yes, I know it's the middle of the summer) and thought that you guys are 
>experts and would be able to help.  I'd appreciate any effort whatsoever.
>Please refer me to a hypertext page where I can find info on problems associated with investigating prions, 
>some experiments that have attempted to identify them, the diseased associated with them and how they 
>are transmitted.


it's this sort of behavior that really adds to my lack of faith in our
schools.  what ever happened to going to the local university's
library and looking up in the info yourself?  WHAT! you say, actually
do some leg work where you might learn something?!?  heaven forbid...

hell, i didn't even have Medline to use then and i managed.

as the wise man said, 'go, educate thyself'.

-pjf, bitter (today) grad student

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