Fragment B of staphylococcal protein A

Chung Yuk Ka b535762 at mailserv.cuhk.hk
Wed Aug 2 00:47:18 EST 1995

Hi all,

I am looking for the 3d structure of the Fragment B of
staphylococcal protein A in PDB but I can't find it.
I have check from the web site www.pdb.bnl.gov that it
should have the id 1ESF but I can't found it in the 
ftp site. I would like to know if I got the wrong id 
or not. Anyone who has this information please post
the relevant information here or email to 
yukkachung at cuhk.hk.

Thank you very much.

Chung Yuk Ka
(Johnnie Walker)
Statistics Dept., The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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