Low Pressure Purification Systems

Roland J Saldanha rsaldanh at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Thu Jun 2 01:13:30 EST 1994

We would like to purchase a low pressure purifcation system.  We would like to
spend less than $15,000.  The main systems in this price range are:

1) Millipore "ConSep LC100" an integrated pump/detector mixer gradient former
with the ability to handle four buffers and thus make both pH and Salt
gradients simultaneously or pH scout to optimise a purification etc.

2) Pharmacia GP250/P-50 system.  A low end gradient programer for FPLC combined
with a low end "Hiload pump" which uses a valve for solvent mixing and thus
allows programming of gradients with a single pump.

3)  Bio-Rads version of the above systems but combined with a peristaltic pump
that is controlled by the programmer.  The deluxe version is under$12500 and
offers monitoring of a gradient and a "solvent mixer" with capacity to handle
five buffers bottles ( and thus I assume will allow the same facile pH scouting
etc that the Millipore system offers.

I realise I can assemble from parts but a good integrated system has low dead
volumes (ConSep is less than 1.5 ml) I beleive.

I would appreciate input from people that may have used any of the above
configurations - we had a demo of the Consep and it looked very impressive. I
am also familiar with FPLC set ups so have a broad idea of what to expect from
Pharmacia.   I would like input from people who have extensively used any of
the above to learn of advantages/problems that any of the above might have.

Should I be compelled to assemble a system from individual components I would
appreciate input on the long term reliability/ease of operation etc for UV
monitors, pumps, recorders etc from the major players Pharmacia, Bio-RAd, ISCO

Roland Saldanha

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