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Konrad C. Kim Kckim at students.wisc.edu
Wed Jun 1 15:07:25 EST 1994

Konrad C. Kim
16 White Deer Ct.
Huntington, NY 11743
Internet:: kckim at students.wisc.edu

Purpose and goals: To involve myself in the private industry of
biotechnology and pharmaceuticals 		by the marketing of biological
products and to improve the methods of research of         	    
	biological products. 

	IÕm a recent graduate with one and half years of experience seeking an
entry-level                  professional job. My interests are very
diverse, flexible and comprehensive, trying to integrate, the business
aspects of private industry, the efficiency and productivity of
computers through the internet, and the research and development of 
biological products. My  experience as a technician in a research labs
have taught me many specialized techniques and skills where they are
applied to getting maximum results through maximum efficiency.  I have
researched topics in the chemotaxis of HIV infected white blood cells
in school and the effectiveness of radio and chemotherapy of cancer
through heat, radiation and specific drugs in the lab. 
	My skills in computers are more of an enthusiastic following. I have
experience in using many kinds of software for IBM and Macintosh (word
processing, database, spreadsheets and graphics), some network
knowledge of Ethernet and some programming in pascal, fortran and
visual basic. IÕm able to use the Internet which includes Mosiac
(hplt), E-mail, FTP, telnet, and gopher. 
	In school I have taken numerous courses related to biology which
include biochemistry, cell biology, organic chemistry, neurobiology,
cell physiology, microbiology, and genetics. My other courses include
macro and micro economics, public speaking, scientific and
compositional writing, and computer science. 
	For job placement, I have a preference of being anywhere within the
tri-state area (NY,NJ,CT) and available immediately for work. IÕm also
willing to work on commission for a base salary.

Konrad C. Kim
16 White Deer Ct.
Huntington, NY 11743
Internet:: kckim at students.wisc.edu

	University of Wisconsin-Madison
		College of Letters and Sciences,  B.S  Zoology 1988-92Õ
		College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, B.S.  Genetics 1993-94Õ
Work Experience:

	Junior Lab Technician,     6/92-6/93
	University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinics
		Department of Therapeutic Radiology Radiation Oncology, Radiation
Biology Section
		424 Harvard St. SE													Minneapolis, MN 55455

	-Performed experiments involving the effects of hyperthermia,
radiation and drug-dosage responses of        			melphalen, nigercin,
HMA, on tumorous SCK, Fsa2 mouse cells in vitro. 
	-Maintained cell culture lines of SCK and Fsa2 mouse cells in vitro
	Supervisor: Beth Auger. Assistant Professor Ph.D.
	Principal Investigator: Changwon Song. Professor Ph.D.
	Biological Assistant,    1/92-6/92
	Veterans Memorial Middelton Hospital                                  
		Department of Neurology
		1134 Terrace Av.													Madison WI 53715

	-Maintained cell culture lines of Fsa2, bulb/c mice  brain epithelial
	-Managed lab inventory of supplies and equipment
	Supervisor: Jim Vann. Senior Lab Scientist and Manager Ph.D.

	Protein Isolation: 
		SDS-PAGE, Affinity chromotography, Dialysis/Salting out,
	Tissue Culture: 
		Mark I Cesium Irradiation Chamber
		Southern, Western, and Northern Blots, Gel Electrophoresis, PCR

Awards and Hobbies:

	Eagle Scout
	University of Wisconsin All-String Orchestra 1988-92Õ

References on request

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