Stereo Hardware on a PS390

W.J. Coadwell wcoadwel at crc.ac.uk
Wed Jun 1 10:43:29 EST 1994


We have an ageing Evans and Sutherland, PS390, running Frodo and Insight from 
an ethernet/PADded connection to a VAX cluster.  Until recently we used E&S 
liquid crystal glasses, the light grey 'LC Technologies' connect by wire type, 
to successfully view 3D images from these packages.

Disaster has struck (twice) in recent weeks with physical damage to the lenses 
and we have been unable to find a commercial source to replace, or repair them.

Do any netters have, hidden in dark unused cupboards, elderly unused glasses of 
this type that we might purchase?  I know we should move boldly into the modern 
world, but its still a fine old machine - ( and its all we've got ).

I would be thankful for any help, or suggestions that might be forthcoming


W John Coadwell     Immunology Department, Babraham Institute,
                    Babraham Hall, Babraham, Cambs CB2 4AT, United Kingdom

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