Good MW Markers for Silver Staining

Ekramoddoullah, Abul Kalam M. aekramoddoul at PFC.Forestry.CA
Fri Jul 29 17:52:48 EST 1994

In article <edbeaty-240794192301 at koniskyj3.life.uiuc.edu>, edbeaty at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu (ed beaty) writes:
>Our lab is purifying a number of proteins for N-terminal sequencing and
>other applications.  We usually silver-stain our gels to make sure there
>are no contaminating proteins which could interfere with our sequencing. 
>The problem is that our MW standards (from Sigma) are designed for
>Coomassie Blue staining, and give many strong "mystery bands" when we
>silver stain them.  I assume this is because the proteins used to make the
>standards aren't too pure to begin with.  We've tried diluting the
>standards more to make the mystery bands fainter, but some of these bands
>are nearly as strong as the expected bands.  
>Does anyone know of a cleaner set of MW standards that are commercially
>available and give (reasonably) clean bands on a silver stained gel (i.e.
>good enough to send to a reviewer without having to say, "okay, ignore
>these twelve bands; that's BSA, that's lysozyme...or is it THAT band...")
>Thanks fer yer help.
>Ed Beaty

Try BioRad's low mol standard at 1:100 dilution and use fresh sample buffer. I
hope that helps.

>edbeaty at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu

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