Request for assistance from Novosibirsk University

Fri Jul 29 09:18:05 EST 1994

To whom it may be concern.

Dear Colleguaes.

At present molecular genetic  approaches play major role  in
fundamental research been  devoted elucidation of  structure
and functions  of cells  as well  as in  biomedical research
and in different branches of biotechnology. In view of  this
fact  the  Department  of   Genetics  and Cytology  of   the
Novosibirsk  State   University  plans   to  establish   the
Division of  Molecular Genetics  and Gene-Engineering  which
should accelerate the training of high-skilled specialist in
this  area.  The  Division  will increased its proportion of
resources   allotted   for   basic   science   training  and
participance of student  in research work.  It will be  also
responsible for  stimulating, establishing  and coordinating
research  and  educational  projects  that cross traditional
school boundaries.
The Novosibirsk State University is the leading  institution
of higher learning  in Siberia.   The Department of Genetics
and Cytology was formed at the Novosibirsk State  University
in  1969.  From  its  beginning  the  Department   collected
experience  in   education  and   training  of    specialist
in different  areas of  genetics which  are known  in Russia
and abroad.    There are a number  of  active work  research
scientists  involved   in  educational   process    in   the
However  in  view  of  hard  financial  situation in russian
education and science at  present it extremely difficult  to
create necessary material basis for the Department.  Because
the University appeal to whom it may be concern with inquiry
of  help.  Such  help  may  be  molecular biology equipment,
reagents, financial aid and so on. We would be glad to  hear
any   ideas   and  proposal  for   cooperation  in   genetic
education.  Thank. Hope hear from you.
Sincerely yours,   V.N.Vragov, Rector, Academician, Professor.
                   L.V.Vysotskja, Prof. Dept.Genet.Cytol..
Contact persona:
Kochetov A. , Inst Cytol Genet , Lavrentjeva 10, Novosibirsk 630090,
Russia  fax. 7-3832-356558, E-mail: rivkin at CGI.nsk.su

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