inquiry: Lithium and G-proteins

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Thu Jul 28 19:21:15 EST 1994

In article <ehom1-280794100451 at image-slave.swarthmore.edu> ehom1 at cc.swarthmore.edu (Erik Forbes Y. Hom) writes:
>Does anyone know the latest ideas on how lithium interacts with G-proteins?
> Is the Li+ binding inositol phosphate idea still upheld?

Hi Erik,

The effect of Li+ on phospholipases is believed to be a partial
explanation of of the therapeutic effects of LiCl.  The G-protein binding
effect is actually quite different.  Lithium fluoride is used, and it is
believed that the F- coordinates with Mg++ to mimick a phospate group. 
This causes the GDP-liganded G-protein to act as a GTP-liganded G-protein
due to the binding of this Fl- Mg++ complex.  I can dig up some references
if you are interested.

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