inquiry: Lithium and G-proteins

Cornelius Krasel krasel at alf.biochem.mpg.de
Thu Jul 28 16:07:35 EST 1994

Erik Forbes Y. Hom (ehom1 at cc.swarthmore.edu) wrote:
: Does anyone know the latest ideas on how lithium interacts with G-proteins?
:  Is the Li+ binding inositol phosphate idea still upheld?

There is a recent review about this topic in one of the latest PNAS issues,
together with a paper on the structure of inositol monophosphatase which
is apparently the enzyme Lithium interacts with (Jay M. Baraban: Towards
a crystal-clear view of lithium's site of action. PNAS 91(13), 5738-5739.
Scott J. Pollack, John R. Atack, Michael R. Knowles, George McAllister,
C. Ian Ragan, Raymond Baker, Stephen R. Fletcher, Leslie L. Iversen,
Howard B. Broughton: Mechanism of inositol monophosphatase, the putative
target of lithium therapy. PNAS 91(13), 5766-5770.)

I don't think that Lithium interactis with G proteins.


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