Alternative sites for Anthepro

leon harris harris at POSSUM.MURDOCH.EDU.AU
Wed Jul 27 10:49:55 EST 1994

Hello all!
Does anyone out there know of any alternative ftp sites to ibcp.fr where 
I could find the Anthepro program suite? transferring the files to 
Australia is very slow, both night and day, and the nett result does not 
work very well (it has hung my sytem several times tonight). I believe that 
this is because the time it takes to recieve the files from France is 
longer than the timeout on our local modem bank. This results in part of 
some files getting lost. From what I can see, 
they look like excellent programs, but they are not much good if they 
don't run. The best sites for me are in Australia or in the USA.
Leon Harris.

:{)} cute hisute little brute

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