Good MW Markers for Silver Staining

ed beaty edbeaty at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu
Mon Jul 25 23:52:30 EST 1994

> Do you get a sequence after silver staining? Some time ago we tried to sequence
> something that had been gold stained and found the stain completely prevented
> sequencing. I then assumed that silver stains would give a similar effect but have 
> never tried the experiment.
> Any info. would be appreciated.

Well, thanks to everyone who wrote.  Bio-Rad apparently makes some
Silver-staining quality MW standards.  I'll give them a try.

As for the other question, no, we don't try to silver stain and then do
N-terminal sequencing of the same gel; we usually run the sample twice on a
gel, then cut the gel in half and silver stain one part.  If it looks
good, we blot the other half on a membrane for sequencing.  It IS possible
to Coomassie Blue stain a gel and then blot it, and you can also Coomassie
stain the membrane after blotting to see the bands.  I would agree that
it's nearly impossible to get sequencable protein from a silver-stained
gel.  (Hmm...wonder if you can silver stain a membrane after blotting?)

Ed Beaty
edbeaty at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu

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