Dave Stampf drs at bach.pdb.bnl.gov
Fri Jul 22 13:29:33 EST 1994

The Protein Data Bank at Brookhaven is available via anonymous ftp, gopher,
and www.  All the the documentation you should need is available on line. The
machines are ftp.pdb.bnl.gov, gopher.pdb.bnl.gov and www.pdb.bnl.gov.

Give it a try!


In article <30bpdq$c9n at usenet.rpi.edu>,  <gallas at vccnw05.its.rpi.edu> wrote:
>  I hope that someone can offer me advice in getting started
>using the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank.  I would like to
>get the crystal structures of a couple of proteins that I
>am working with.  (I'm already sure that they exist at
>Brookhaven.)  I had the following questions:
>1)  Is it set up like an anonomous FTP or do I need some
>    kind of sponsorship?
>2)  Where can I get documentation on using the Data Bank or
>    is the online documentation good enough?
>3)  Any advice for someone just getting started with the
>    Data Bank?
>Thank You,
>Stuart Gallant
>gallas at rpi.edu

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