Protein Concentration Estimation

David Martin x3175 dmartin at crc.ac.uk
Tue Jul 19 14:16:02 EST 1994

In article <gends.7.000D9E48 at leeds.ac.uk> gends at leeds.ac.uk (SCOTT D.) writes:
>Absorbance provides anomalous answers, and Biorad (Bradford) assays are out as 
>the answer needs to be accurate to within 5%. Amino Acid analysis tells us 
>accurately how much protein is there, but I'd love a way of doing this in less 
>than two days!

Umm, how about a thread on how crap most protein assays are?

The protein I work on isn't picked up by the Bio Rad assay at all. It by
chance contains no Histidine. are these two related.

However, coomassie binding (on an SDS PAGE Gel), A280 (method of choice),
and BCA all work well.

any comments?

any other wierd proteins out there?


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